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Xi'an Particle Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Xi'an Particle Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (PCB) is an international leading high-tech company. We provide advanced materials, innovative products and intelligent equipment for bioengineering, medical health and advanced manufacturing.

We provide an all-round range of research and development, production and related technical services of biomaterials. We have accumulated rich application experience in biodegradable bioceramics, biopolymers and their composites, and are good at 3D printing technology of biomaterials. We can customize bio-ink and 3D printing technology, and make independent R&D in material, software, equipment, and application, so as to provide users with a complete set of solutions from printing consumables, printing equipment to practical application. Using Filament-free Printing (FFP) technology, we can directly print ceramic materials at normal temperature point by point, line by line, and layer by layer, without the need for prefabricated printing wires. This not only can significantly reduce the cost of existing printing consumables, but also can freely match material combinations to achieve multi-material composite printing, so as to expand the selection range of existing printing materials. The main customers of our company are form hospitals, universities, research institutes and R&D departments of different enterprises. It covers fields in medical biology, education, new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing and so on.


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Particle Cloud Biotechnology


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