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Xi'an-Meishan: PCB Will Settle in "Su Shi’s Hometown"

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On the morning of July 5, the "Meishan (Chengdu) Biomedical Promotion Conference 2019" sponsored by the People's Government of Dongpo District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, was successfully held in Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel. A health industry cluster is being built in the New Economic Development Zone of Meishan City, with medicine as the leading industry, and medical devices, health products, cosmetics etc. as supplements. Great effort will be taken to build a medicine valley in western China.

At the beginning of the conference, the leaders of the CPC of the Dongpo District Committee of Meishan City, such as Secretary Ju Li, Executive Deputy District Head Liao Xiaoning, Secretary Lu Mingchun of the Party Working Committee of Meishan New Area, member of Standing Committee Li Qiuyan, and Zheng Xiao, Deputy Director of the Meishan New Area Management Committee, met with the representatives of Xi’an Particle Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (PCB) led by Zhen Zhongshan, vice chairman of Sichuan Haoyang International Holding Group, and Liu Tong, deputy general manager of PCB. Subsequently, Mr. Liu made a detailed introduction on the general situation, key technologies and development prospects of PCB, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the leaders. The leaders also mentioned the importance on the introduction of personnel, funds, policies and so on. They hoped that the enterprises settle in the western medicine valley as soon as possible.


One important agenda of this conference is the official signing ceremony joined by General Liu Tong of our company and Deputy District Head Liao Xiaoning on the landing of PCB in the western medicine valley. With the vigorous promotion of Haoyang International Group, this cooperation with the local government of Meishan City has achieved an extraordinary record in speed, within 17 days from negotiation, inspection to the signing of a contract!

Haoyang International Group will work together with PCB to advance the work in the future. We believe that with the joint efforts of both sides, Meishan and Xi'an will go hand in hand for a better future and mutual glory.